Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Recommend Places to Eat

It's always a struggle to figure out where to eat locally. But, with 185 attendees and one day of eating, that's sufficient to make recommendations. So make them! Add comments below.


René Breton said...
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René Breton said...

Thompson House is certainly the best place for lunch nearby! It's just 2-minute walk from the Leacock Building on McTavish Street. You can get an excellent main course for about $6-8 (click here for the menu).

The trick though is that this restaurant is in the private club of McGill's post-graduate students so in principle you need to be a member's guest to get in.

Want to try it out? Ask one of the friendly McGill's "red t-shirt" graduate student to come along for lunch with you (I'm one of them =) ).